CS Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives of the Department


A. To provide Quality appropriate, fair, consistent and responsive services to clients according to program and tribal policies and procedures.

1. Maintain current, accurate and approved Program Policies and Procedures.
2. increase staff knowledge of tribal and program requirements and good customer service skills.
3. Maintain program quality and consistency by identifying core department/program services and identifying/developing adequate support for those services.

B. To improve the lives of tribal and non-tribal members by addressing barriers to self sufficiency.

1. Increase self sufficiency by providing public transportation, medical/dental transports, and child care services for low-income people seeking training/employment opportunities.
2. increase training and entry level employment opportunities to low income tribal members.

C. To provide social supports to improve the health and safety of tribal and non~tribal members.

1. Increase the types of services and number of contacts with tribal and non-tribal members to improve their health & safety.

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