Elders Wood Program

Elders Wood Program

Project Purpose:
To provide Klamath Tribal Elders who are age 60+, living in the service delivery area with one to three cords of wood per year.

Description of Project: The Elders Wood Program is available to elderly tribal members who are 60 years of age and older, which apply. Applications are received on a first come first serve basis and are limited to funds available.
The Elders Wood Program is dependent upon funding in the form of BIA carryover, third party reimbursements and KTRAP, which have to be applied for each year. Our goal is to serve 55 elder households with 3 cords of wood a year. We only contract with tribal members to receive remuneration for offering the cutting, splitting, delivering and stacking the wood to the tribal elders.

Contact Joyce Berry (541) 783-2219X 119

More information: 

Elder Wood Application
Elder Wood Cutter Application
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