Senior Nutrition Services

Senior Nutrition Services

Program Purpose:
To supplement the nutritional and socialization needs of Native American elders aged 60 and above, their spouse or paid caregiver, and Administration on Aging (AoA) eligible clients by providing well- balanced meals that meet 1/3 RDA and USDA guidelines.

Description of Current Services:
A nutritious lunch is provided five (5) days a week to eligible Native American Elders 60+, including spouses and/or caregivers. The meal site is operated in Chiloquin at the Pe peep’aak center Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; and in Beatty at the lrwin Weiser Memorial Center Tuesday and Thursday.
Title lll days where any senior 60+ will be served are Tuesday and Thursday in Beatty and Wednesday in Chiloquin.
Home delivered meals are provided to the Native American elderly shut-ins five (5) days a week. Individuals under 60 are not eligible for the program.
Guests making an occasional visit are required to donate a minimum of $3.50 for their meal. Native American Elders and their spouses/caregivers will be served first. All meals must meet the 1/3 RDA and USDA Food Pyramid Guideline.

Contact Donna Weiser regarding Home Delivered Meals (541) 274~1 684

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