Transportation Program

Program Purpose: To provide a means of transportation to the public, older adults, people with disabilities, and low- income persons who reside in the delivery service area so they can get safely from one destination to another.

Description of Current Services:

Quail Trail Public Transit – Transports five (5) days a week Monday through Friday with five (5) routes per day between Chiloquin and Klamath Falls. The Thursday route transports one (1) Round trip from Chiloquin to Beatty to Klamath Falls and then returns in reverse order.

Because partial funding is received from Oregon Department of Transportation, these routes are open to all persons in the community where the bus stops.

The Quail Trail Public Transit will be closed on all Holidays and days when the Klamath Tribes Administration is closed.

TransLink Medical/Dental Transports

—Transportation is available to 0HP+ clients for medical/dental transportation. This is a demand responsive type of transport service where clients call in and make advance appointments with TransLink and the CSD bids monthly on their rate to provide TransLink transports.
The ride is categorized and is given to the lowest bidder in that category. When we receive the bid for the ride, TransLink lets us know and we schedule with the drivers to do the transport.
At the end of each week we bill TransLink on all of the transports provided for the week.
The TransLink bid transports (different from the local transports) may be anywhere in Oregon.

Non TransLink Medical/Dental Transports

– The CSD provides medical/dental transport to tribal members who reside in Chiloquin or KFalls when they have been turned down through KTH&FS

Transportation Program and TransLink

– if we have a Translink ride scheduled and a non Translink ride request comes in for the same place and time we will piggyback the non TransLink client. We will also provide non TransLink medical/dental rides to non tribal who live in the municipality of Chiloquin.

Elder Meal Site Transports

– The CSD provides meal site transportation three days a week.
Tuesday we transport to the Beatty meal site, Wednesday and Friday we transport to the Chiloquin meal site.

Elders Activities/Events Transports

—There are overnight trips, Bly picnic, root digging, huckleberry picking and picnic, Eiders Health Fair, Elders Honor Day, etc. where transportation is provided for the Elders.

Contact Curtis Raines (541) 783~Z219 X 175

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