On September 26, 2013 the Blood Quantum Referendum vote amended the language of Article III of the Constitution of the Klamath Tribes. Enrollment is now open to all persons of a least one-eighth (1/8) degree Klamath, Modoc and/or Yahooskin Paiute blood, or who otherwise qualify for enrollment.

The Enrollment Ordinance Klamath Tribal Code Title 1 Chapter 4 stipulates the following Enrollment Requirements. To be eligible for enrollment in the Klamath Tribes a person shall:

(a)  be named on the official Klamath Final Roll of August 3, 1954; or

(b) possess one-eighth (1/8)  degree or more Klamath, Modoc, or Yahooskin Indian blood; and

(c)  not be enrolled in any State of other Federally recognized Indian Tribe.


Application for enrollment may be filed by any person who believes he or she meets the enrollment requirements. For persons who are minors, who are under other legal disability, or who are children of member of the Armed Services stationed outside the continental U.S., applications for enrollment may be filed by the parent, next of kin, recognized guardian, the Tribes, or other person responsible for the applicant’s care.


Every application for enrollment shall be accompanied by the following:

(a)   A family tree establishing the ancestry and parentage of the applicant by way of their family tree. The family tree shall include supporting documentation authentication all information included in the family tree submission. The supporting documentation must establish the ancestry and parentage of the applicant.

(b)   Original or State certified Birth Certificate showing both mother and father’s name.

(c)  The Enrollment Committee shall have the right to require any additional documentation necessary to verify all information submitted to the Committee.

If you have a completed enrollment application currently on file in the Enrollment department, please write and request your enrollment application be processed. Also, please provide current name, address, phone numbers, social security information (copy of card with current name) and official documentation of name changes, ie., marriage license, divorce papers, guardian or custody awards.


Contact: The Klamath Tribes, Enrollment Department, P.O. Box 436, Chiloquin, OR 97624

Telephone: 541-783-2219