Members’ Benefits

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Phone: (541) 783-2219 Ext. 195 or 203 Fax: (541) 783-7768

The Klamath Tribes Member Benefits Department established in 2007 for the implementation and distribution of the excess gaming revenue from Kla-Mo-Ya Casino to the Klamath Tribes eligible membership in compliance with the Klamath Tribes Revenue Allocation Plan consistent with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 (IGRA), Klamath Tribal law and mission of The Klamath Tribes. The distributions are made to “qualified tribal members” who for the purpose of the Plan are alive and duly enrolled with the Klamath Tribes as of December 31 of the year for which the payment is made. Membership and eligibility for enrollment in the Klamath Tribes is determined in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Klamath Tribes. In order to receive a per capita payment, the qualified tribal member or his or her parent or legal guardian, representative or conservator must have provided the Klamath Tribes with the member’s accurate social security number and current mailing address. Social security numbers and mailing address must be received by April 15 of the year of per capita payment distribution in order to be eligible for the per capita payment distributed that same year. Distribution is dependent upon excess revenues earned during the previous year, annual distribution are made the third Friday of June.

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