Did You Know . . .

  • The Klamath Tribes signed their Treaty in 1864 with the United States of America.
  • At the time of termination in 1954, the Klamath Tribes were the second wealthiest tribe in the nation.
  • The Klamath Tribes has over a growth rate of over 5000% in the years since Restoration in 1986.
  • The Klamath Tribes contributes upwards of $25 million dollars into the Klamath County economy each year through goods and services.
  • The tribes are one of the largest equal-opportunity employers in Klamath County.
  • Kla-Mo-Ya Casino is the second largest tourist attraction in Klamath County, with approximately 300,000 visitors each year- Second only to Crater Lake National Park.
  • The Klamath Tribes works directly with a multitude of non-Tribal entities providing Treaty Rights information.
  • The Tribes employ over 250 taxpaying Klamath County residents.
  • The Deer population (while in State and Federal control) went from 60 per sq. mile in the 1950's, to approximately 4 per sq. mile today, in the former reservation area.
  • The Klamath Tribes operates a Tribal Language program in Klamath County.
  • The Wocus Lilly, which is Traditional to our people, is indigenous to this area.
  • The Klamath tribes have a CONSENT DECREE which establishes an agreement between the Tribes, Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, and the USA for Tribal Treaty Rights.
  • The Klamath Tribes offer services throughout Klamath County in over 50 different departments and programs.
  • The Klamath Tribes, if given the opportunity, can help Klamath County rebuild the land and water resources for Everyone's benefit.
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