Klamath Tribes Strategic Action Plan


  • Tribal Community Input Questionnaire The Klamath Tribes are working on the development of a three year Strategic Action Plan to identify Tribal priorities and goals and for focusing Tribal efforts and resources over the next three years. Input from Tribal members is critical to this process. Answers to the below questions will provide guidance in developing the Plan. Please answer the questions from your perspective as a Klamath Tribal member. Please also feel free to add any additional information that you believe will be helpful and is not covered in responding to the questions. All input will be considered when preparing the Plan. Completed questionnaires may be returned by email attachment, or in paper at the address provided at the end. Thank you for your participation.
  • Submit email with button SUBMIT below Or print and Email: KTstrategicplan2017@klamathtribes.com Mail or Personal Delivery: Kathy Rich, Administrative Officer Klamath Tribes Administration P.O. Box 436 501 S. Chiloquin Blvd. Chiloquin, OR 97624 Any questions may be directed to Kathy Rich, Administrative Officer for Klamath Tribes Planning Department Director, at (541) 783-2219 x166 or email: kathy.rich@klamathtribes.com.