2016-2017 Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program

The LIHEAP Caseworker will start taking applications for Elders beginning October 3, 2016.  If you did not receive an application in the mail please call the Community Service Department at 783-2219 ext. 134 and leave your name and address along with a phone number.


Start Dates:

Elders 60 yrs and above – October 3, 2016

All Others – November 1, 2016 please call 541-783-2219 ext. 134 to make an appointment.



Elder Client- A person who is 60 years and above

Disabled Client – an individual who, by reason of illness, injury, advanced age, congenital malfunction, or other permanent or temporary incapacity or disability with special requirements. (Must show proof of long-term disability from SSI award letter or GA award letter).

If a disabled client or Elder cannot come in for an appointment the Caseworker will be able to go to your home and take all the information.


Income Guidelines: Net income is based on total of all income in the household (for all members of the household). Income includes the following:


  • Receipts from Self employed business- income tax records current tax records
  • Public Assistance (TANF/NAFA verification)
  • Social Security payments (an award letter)
  • Copy of check or bank statement showing a direct deposit
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Workers’ compensation monthly benefits
  • Veterans benefits
  • Regular Foster Parent grants or payments
  • Alimony / Child Support
  • Monthly payments from sale of property, house, or car
  • Per-Capita payments
  • Gaming Revenue income



For further LIHEAP information please contact Casey Hicks at 783-2219 ext. 134.