2019 Elimination Tournament Results

2019 Elimination Tournament Results

Hello Everyone!

The Klamath All-Indian Basketball Elimination Tournament took place last weekend in Chiloquin, Oregon.

The Elimination Tournament holds a long history of tradition and allows local tribal teams to vie for a spot in the upcoming 66th Annual All-Indian World Championship Tournament, which will be held March 15-17, 2019 in Chiloquin, Oregon.

Below are the winners from the KAIBT Elimination Tournament.

Pictured with two of the 3, 2019 Queen Candidates and 2018 Queen Hannah Schroeder.

*See Mascot Photos and information below

*2019 Queen Contestant Photos and information to follow in another E-Blast

Tessa Gallagher – Maci Mortensen – Shielteal Watah

Elimination Tournament Champions

(Red) Laloks’ – 1st Place Champions: (Jagger Hogan, Dion, Talon Harrington, Badger Kimbol, Kyden Kimbol, Derek, Todd & Carlos)
(Black) Bad Company – 2nd Place (Even Gallagher, Leon Gallagher, Wesley Witcraft, Gary Robinson, Jeremy Yazzie, Nick Kimbol, Darius Jackson, Jared Hall)
(Blue) Yreka, Ca – 3rd Place
(Orange) Warm Springs – make up team – 4th Place (Drew Harrington, Shane Parazoo, Zane Sorg, Will Blue, Tobias Vasquez, Blaywaas Kirk)

2019 Tournament Mascot Winners…

Meet our Boys Mascot: Cole Miller, 10, is the point guard for his undefeated (so far) 4th grade team and also plays on the 5/6 grade team. He loves to play ball and his favorite player is Steph Curry. And he’s an Oregon Ducks fan. He is a Straight A student and excels in math and reading. When Cole isn’t ballin’ he likes to hang with his buds Lalan, Denver, and Yawqs and spend his summer weekends camping at Rocky Ford. His parents Elwood Miller III and Twyla Miller and family are very proud of his hard work and hustle.
Greetings! My name is Laila Jean Weiser, and I am the 2019 Big Tourney Women’s Mascot. I am the daughter of Wyonna (Sissy) Weiser, and granddaughter of Steve and Donna Weiser. I am 12 years old, and I am Yahooskin Piaute, & an enrolled member of the Klamath Tribes. I am an honor roll 6th grader at Chiloquin Elementary. I was born in Klamath Falls and raised in Chiloquin Or. I have 2 siblings that I love greatly; Ceceionna Weiser, & Markus Garcia. However, I also grew up with countless cousins and loving aunties & uncles . My family helped me shape who I am today, and they brought me to my love for basketball. They push me to be a better student and a better athlete. On my free time, if I am not playing basketball or hanging out with family, I like to draw, make slime, and travel outside of Chiloquin. Now you know a little bit about me! Pe’sa Uh—This means Thank you in my Paiute language

Information and photos provided by Tournament Committee. Thank you everyone for your participation and dedication to the Klamath Tournament.

See you next weekend— March 15-17, 2019 for the 66th Annual Big Tourney