9 OIT trustees confirmed

9 OIT trustees confirmed

Salem hearing makes it official

Special congratulations to Klamath Tribal Member, Kathy Hill


H&N Staff Reporter


Nine trustees of Oregon Tech’s new governing board were officially confirmed on Wednesday in Salem during a Senate confirmation hearing.



Trustees confirmed

–        Melissa Ceron, Oregon Tech student

–        Dana Henry, Student Support Services at Oregon Tech

–        Kathleen Hill, elected member of the Klamath Tribal Council in Chiloquin (front row- second from right)

–        Kelley Minty Morris, Klamath County commissioner

–        Dan W. Peterson, associate professor of communication, Oregon Tech

–        Jeremy Brown, president, Portland Community College

–        Lisa Graham, serving a partial term on the Oregon State Board of Higher Education

–        Celia Nunez, State Farm Insurance Company, Wilsonville

–        Dr. Steve Sliwa, founder and CEO of Seeq, Portland and Seattle



Oregon Tech President Chris Maples, who serves as an ex-officio and non-voting board member, attended the hearing at the Committee on Rule and Executive Appeals in Salem.


“It was a mix of emotions,” Maples told the Herald and News on Wednesday afternoon. “It’s such a historic moment for Oregon Tech.

“This is a group of trustees who will focus on our university and help us be more efficient,” he added.

“They are my collective bosses.”


Maples said in an interview earlier this year that board trustees might look at the university’s overall strategy, as well as develop a master building plan. The board also will form its own constitution and bylaws.


Maples expressed particular excitement that an Oregon Tech student, Melissa Ceron, plays a role on the board of trustees.


“That will help us be able to have a better return on the tuition investment of our students,” Maples said.

“We had a number of student applicants. There were any number of students who applied who could have done this. Melissa stood out.”


Maples emphasized that through the new governing board system, Oregon Tech students are the major investors in the university.


Trustees begin their governing role immediately, but start governance of Oregon Tech on July 1, 2015. Kitzhaber is expected to appoint the remaining members of the 15-member trustee board later this year, according to Maples. Trustee positions are non-paid. The board of trustees will meet four times each year, meetings which will be open to the public, Maples said.


In addition to the board of trustees, Oregon Tech also will be part of a President’s Council, consisting of presidents from Southern Oregon University, Western Oregon University and Eastern Oregon University, according to Maples.


For more information on Oregon Tech Board members, visit oit.edu/trustees.