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A Must See…

Landmark Native Film Neither Wolf Nor Dog Opens at Pelican Cinemas in Klamath Falls, OR from September 29th for at least one week…

InYo Entertainment are the distributors of the Landmark Native film, Neither Wolf Nor Dog, based on the award-winning novel by Portland author, Kent Nerburn and starring elder, Dave Bald Eagle who was 95 years-old during the time of filming. The film’s completion fulfills the author’s 20 year-long dream. It will be opening at Pelican Cinemas in Klamath Falls, Oregon from September 29th and playing for at least one week.

It is unheard of for a small self-distributed independent Native film to be competing with Hollywood blockbusters during the summer season, and even more remarkable that it is outperforming many as well. The film, having been shot with a crew of 2, will play in at least 18 Oregon theaters including Ashland, Sisters, Eugene, and Silverton after playing a phenomenal 16 theatres in Washington; far beyond what is typical for an independent film. It’s Vancouver opening outperformed 11 of the 12 Hollywood blockbusters playing at the multiplex nearby. The movie was one of the theater’s two best performing films in the last year, only beaten by The Hero starring Portland’s Sam Elliot. The backstory has shaped into something along the lines of a David vs. Goliath story.

The author, Kent Nerburn, most recently traveled to London with one of the book’s biggest fans, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, to promote the new release of the novel in Europe which opened on Amazon’s Best-Seller List in the UK.


Omotola Lajubutu
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