Attention Klamath Tribal Members Only!

Attention Klamath Tribal Members Only!

Important Upper Williamson & Klamath Marsh Survey (Watershed above Kirk Reef)

Deadline is October 28, 2016

Click the Link Below!


Background Information:

On June 25th at a General Council Meeting, a motion was made by Rod Clarke, seconded by Duke Kimbol, to authorize our attorneys, with members of the negotiating committee selected at the General Council meeting, to discuss reasonable alternatives.  Alternatives are currently being developed and were presented at the August 20th General Council Meeting. At that meeting, the General Council directed, by motion, that the committee “survey” the general membership on concerns and issues of the Upper Williamson and Marsh Areas.

This notice and survey link, is in response to that motion. The Committee, in collaboration with the Tribes’ water attorneys, developed the survey to receive input from the General Council that might assist the Committee and the water attorneys in the development of alternatives to litigation. Issues and concerns of membership will hopefully be addressed through this survey.


Click link below to go directly to survey.  Note: Survey is password protected for Klamath Tribal Members Only.  If you do not have a password, please contact Secretary, Roberta Frost.

You will also need to have your Tribal Roll Number.


Survey Deadline is October 28, 2016


There are 3 ways to submit your survey to Tribal Council:

  1. Click the link above to go directly to the survey on the tribal website. When done, it will submit directly to Secretary, Roberta Frost.

Or go to the Tribal Website at:   the link is located on the homepage.

  1. There is a Print option available at the survey link and you can and Mail to: Water Survey, PO Box 436, Chiloquin, OR 97624
  2. Drop your survey off (in person) at the Klamath Tribal Administration Building, 501 Chiloquin Blvd., Chiloquin, OR 97624.


If you have any Questions about the survey, please call Secretary Roberta Frost at 541.783.2219 EXT.170  or Cell: 541.892.1458