Native Spotlight! Meet Farrah…

Farrah Parrish is a 14 year old descendant of the Klamath Tribes. She is the daughter of Brad Parrish and AJ Heemsah; granddaughter of Roberta Frost and the late Terry Parrish Sr. Farrah has grown up on the side lines watching both her parents play basketball. Now Farrah … Continue reading

Lest We Forget…

Pray for the Fish!

100 Year Prayer- October 25th, 2017

10:15am – Pacific Time

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, marks the 100 year anniversary since the Copco 1 Dam, on the Klamath River, closed its gates and shut off Salmon and Steelhead to the entire Klamath Lake Basin and upper tributaries … Continue reading

E:News! Language Workshop

waq lis ?aad,

gew ?a seesas Joseph Dupris. ni ?a mbosaksaawaskni gi. ewskni  ?an gi, moowat’aakknii ?an gi, nuumu ?an gi, mnicoujou lakota ?an gi.

pk’isap gew Kathy Hill gi coy ptisap gew Joseph Dupris gi. pq’olip gew Janie Haddock gi coy pk’aasip gew Pat Hill gi. pt’eewip gew Mona … Continue reading

Monumental Crater Lake/Sun Creek Project

After 100 Years… this natural tributary is now re-open for Historic Fish Passage

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to share this 9 minute video link that shows the monumental efforts by so many, to re-open the Crater Lake/Sun Creek Channel in Fort Klamath, Oregon. This video, produced by Jeff Gersh and … Continue reading

Culture Club

Hello All,

YFGC Prevention is starting Culture Club classes for the 2017-2018 year beginning today.  If anyone is interested in the Klamath language, Rob Busby will be onsite at the Klamath location teaching language as well.  Please share this flyer far and wide. Continue reading

A Must See

A Must See…

Landmark Native Film Neither Wolf Nor Dog Opens at Pelican Cinemas in Klamath Falls, OR from September 29th for at least one week…

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Employment & Training Program

Effective today these services open up to all enrolled Tribal members, residing within Klamath County.

It is no longer necessary to be on any other program, Tribal or State for this service to be provided.  Attached please find a flyer indicating the services that the Employment & Training program can provide.

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