Coming Soon! Airing March 20, 2017

“Broken Treaties” a documentary by the Oregon Tribes produced by OPB- Oregon Public Broadcasting.

By Oregon Public Broadcasting of “Broken Treaties” documentary by Oregon Public Broadcasting is coming March 20, 2017.

Click below for to watch a short clip of the documentary


Taylor’s Note: Many may remember Eric Cain, and his film crew, when I hosted their visit to the Klamath Tribes last year during our Restoration Celebration.

Interviews were conducted with members of Council who wanted to participate, and Chairman Gentry. They was also on location at the Lava Beds, Restoration powwow, and Crater Lake during the Klamath Tribes Segment. *Still photos was provided by the Klamath Tribes News Department, Culture & Heritage, and Natural Resources.

For more information please see link or go to the Oregon Public Broadcasting website:


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