Culture is Sacred: SYEP tule boat launch

In case you was wondering…. the Traditional Tule Boat Launch was a SUCCESS!

This year the SYEP researched, gathered, and built their own traditional style tule boat for the Annual Restoration Celebration Parade and Summer Project.
SYEP Pictured Left to right: Scottie Gilcrest, Jayden Hamilton, Aiyana Reyes, Stone Reed, Presley Frost, and Victor Parazoo.
Jayden Hamilton is the first tester of the boat project! The Williamson river is cold, but he floats like a leaf!
Victor Parazoo decided to test the boat too… Success times two!
Great job goes to everyone involved with the project. The SYEP Program, Georgene Wright, and the Education and Employment Dept. for the Klamath Tribes.
*Photos by: T. Tupper: KT News Dept.
Thank you everyone. Great work to our Youth!