Do you know about the Klamath Tribes Temporary Labor Pool?

Do you know about the Klamath Tribes Temporary Labor Pool?


  1. What is the Temp Labor Pool?

The Temporary Labor Pool is a database held by the Klamath Tribes Education and Employment Department.


  1. What is the purpose of the database?

The database is used to provide lists of current labor pool applicants to departments or employers seeking to fill temp job positions.


  1. Who can be in the data base?

Anyone seeking work is eligible to be put in the database through the use of a Temporary Labor Pool Card.


  1. How can a job seeker obtain a Temporary Labor Pool Card?
  2. Contact the Education & Employment Department at 541-783-2219  and request a  Temporary Labor Pool Card.
  3. The cards can be mailed, emailed or faxed to the job seeker

requesting the card or they can pick up a card at the E/E office.

  1. They can also pick up a card from the Eligibility Worker on

Wednesdays in Klamath Falls at Work Source Klamath.


  1. What should the job seeker do when they receive the LPC?
  2. Fill out both sides of the LPC and return it to the Education

& Employment Department.


  1. What happens then?
  2. Upon the department’s receipt of the card a staff member will call the job seeker and conduct a short interview. The interview is done to ensure all information is complete.
  3. The information on the card is then entered into the Temporary Labor Pool database.
  4. From that point the information is held in the database for referral to persons requesting lists of labor pool applicants for temp positions.


NOTE: it is important that job seekers keep the Education & Employment Department informed of any changes in their phone numbers  and if they wish to remain in the data base to update at least every 90 days.


Thank you,


Sally Brandt

Employment Specialist

Education & Employment Dept.

The Klamath Tribes

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Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

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