E-News: Letter on Success – Ashia Wilson

E-News: Letter on Success – Ashia Wilson

Tribal Spotlight on Success & Thank You from Tribal Student 

Letter from Ashia Wilson to our Education Department.

My name is Ashia G. Wilson and I just finished my last term as a freshman at the University of Oregon and my Student ID number is 951764592.

I am contacting you to share my appreciation and thanks at the end of my freshman year at the University of Oregon 2020. I am a receipt of the Klamath Tribes Higher Education Scholarship and have received $2,400 from your foundation this past academic year. I know that you most likely sponsored plenty of students throughout this year and previous years, but I am truly thankful for the support and aid I was provided this year.

I graduated high school in June 2019 at the age of sixteen from Chiloquin High School in a small, rural, tribal community with a very supportive family. Although my family has supported me and motivated me throughout the years, financially, I could not fund my higher education path. I knew and understood that the only way I was going to attend college; would be if I paid for it by myself. Due to the reality of me being able to provide $34,827 for my 2019-2020 academic year at the University of Oregon, I pushed myself to not only complete high school early with a decent GPA, finish classes at a community college thirty minutes away weekly, but I also applied to numerous scholarships during high school. I cannot even share with you how many scholarships I was denied, but I continued to apply for as many scholarships as I was eligible for. Despite being denied, I came out of my graduation with ensured support and aid for my higher education.

The feeling of not having to constantly worry about payments or taking loans out during my freshman year at a four-year university was a blessing and I would like to personally thank you for deciding to support me through this journey.

Fall Term Highlights-

  • Prior to starting classes, I secured a ‘Water Climate Trust Fellowship’ through a non-profit organization that supported my research regarding dam removal and forestry issues (September/December)
  • I traveled to the Purdue University Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the ‘International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019’ to serve as a panelist for the revitalization of the Klamath & Modoc Language(s) (October/ November)
  • I traveled to Santiago, Chile, initially to attend the COP 25 Meeting, but due to the ‘riots’ and push against governmental powers, it was cancelled and moved to Spain. Although, I followed out my plans and went down there anyways and presented at a conference, ‘Cumbre de los Pueblos’ and spent a few weeks traveling through rural indigenous communities! (November/December)
  • Finished the term with 16 credits and a 3.89 GPA J

Winter Term Highlights-

  • Began the term with 19 credits and a new job at Jamba Juice! (January/March)
  • Although I love traveling, this term was mainly dedicated to school and my new job during the week; during the week I would spend my day in classes and go straight to the library after my last class to finish the 3-4 assignments I would have due every day! Trying to stay caught up was challenging to me, but I learned fast that it was key to visit my professors during office hours to get extra help. Besides days with classes, I would be at work making smoothies and washing dishes and then doing homework after I closed
  • Finished the term with 19 credits and a 4.06 GPA J

Spring Term Highlights-

  • Due the unfortunate pandemic, during Spring Break, I moved out of my dorm and home to Chiloquin, Oregon
  • I spent most of my term kayaking, hiking and zoom classes
  • At the very end of my term, I started two different jobs, one temporary position at the Klamath Tribes doing COVID-19 related work and an Oregon Green New Deal Fellowship through the Rogue Climate Non-Profit Organization

o #savingforrentandbillsforthefall

  • I also decided to take less credits simply because I know I am not the best ‘online learner’, so I finished my term out with 14 credits and a 3.54 GPA J
  • If you are interested, I did a very short final project that just has pictures and information about how my Spring Term went (it was my final in my Ethnic Studies 199), I would be happy to share it if you want !

I know this may seem a little too long, but you don’t have to read all my highlights if you don’t want to! I just wanted to share with you my experiences I was able to create this past year with your support. As for future plans, I am looking forward to turning eighteen this August and starting my sophomore year this Fall Term 2020 with a few legal-related classes (LAW 101!). I also just plan on working, saving and kayaking for the rest of the summer.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, comments, etc. if you wish.

Thank You,

Ashia Grae Wolf Wilson