E:News! Language Workshop

waq lis ?aad,

gew ?a seesas Joseph Dupris. ni ?a mbosaksaawaskni gi. ewskni  ?an gi, moowat’aakknii ?an gi, nuumu ?an gi, mnicoujou lakota ?an gi.

pk’isap gew Kathy Hill gi coy ptisap gew Joseph Dupris gi. pq’olip gew Janie Haddock gi coy pk’aasip gew Pat Hill gi. pt’eewip gew Mona Grey gi coy bloksip gew Benjamin Dupris gi.

How are you all

My name is Joseph Dupris. I am from Chiloquin, Oregon. I am Klamath-Modoc, Big Pine Paiute, and Mnicoujou Lakota. 

My mom is Kathy Hill and my dad is Joseph Dupris. My maternal grandmother is Margaret ‘Janie’ Haddock and my maternal grandfather is Gerald ‘Pat’ Hill. My paternal grandmother is Mona Grey, and my paternal grandfather is Benjamin Dupris.

I will be facilitating a 5-day language workshop this winter in Chiloquin, OR (Facility TBA). This workshop is made possible through previous collaboration of the American Indian Language Development Institute and the Klamath Tribes (2016 KTRAP DIB grant) . This workshop will be held with and for Klamath tribal community members. The workshop will focus on learning terms in maqlaqsyals for everyday use and community discussion.

Conversational practice of maqlaqsyals will be emphasized.

Enrollment: The workshop will support up to 25 participants through stipends. In the event more than 25 participants register, stipend selection will be conducted by lottery and notified prior to the workshop. Participants must be 18 years old to register.

Stipends: $100 stipends to help defray the cost of attending the workshop are available to selected community members. The stipends will be awarded after successful completion of the workshop.

For more information and registration, please visit http://aildi.arizona.edu/December-workshop

For more information and questions, contact Joseph Dupris at jdupris@email.arizona.edu or AILDI at (520) 621-1068 or email coe-aildi@email.arizona.edu .

This workshop is supported through a Confluence Center Graduate Fellowship.