Gaming Revenue Final Notice

Please post the attached Notice for the returned and unclaimed annual gaming revenue checks. The deadline to claim these checks is December 31, 2017.



The Klamath Tribes Member Benefits Department is posting this public notification as required by The Klamath Tribes Revenue Allocation Plan listing the names of all eligible persons who have not picked up their checks and for whom the Klamath Tribes have no valid mailing address.  All checks not claimed or expended by December 31, 2017 shall be deposited into the Klamath Tribes Self- Sufficiency Fund per policy section 50.14 (k) (l).

Baird, Jacqueline N.

Barkley Jr., Loren E.

Barnett, Sarah E.

Boatman, Tanton R.

Brink, Danielle

Castro, Donna M.

Charles, Levi

Chiloquin, Kilda

Chocktoot, Jerry.

Church, Michael C.

Cole, Tyrone M.

Connell, Renee D.

Crume, Chandra M.

Crume, Debra L.

Cude, James J.

Dahlman, Holly J.

Delaney Jr., Mark W.

Effman, Joy P.

Elizarraras, Christina I.

Ellis, Roxanne L.

Fenton, Breane Y.

Foster, Llewellen D.

Fisher, Aujalee M.

Gallagher Jr., Randy

Hankins, Staci L.

Herkshan, Amanda R.

Hill, Clarence J.

Holquin, Felicia A.

Huitt, Major Joe

Hullinger, Pebbles.

Jackson, Anthony B.

Jackson, Dowd S.

Jackson, Holli V.

Jackson, Jose

Jackson, Julius L.

Jackson, Tianna R.

Jahnke, Shawna D.

Jordan, Vernon D.

Lane, Neoma A.

Lawvor, Amber L.

Lopez, Julian B.

Mitchell, Joseph P.

Murray, Denisha B.

Nelson, Lance S.

Nelson, Tamra L.

Noneo, Audie O.

Ogden, Donald D.

Ogdon Jr., Donald D.

Oliver, Annette Faye

Perez, Santos S.

Reed, Jordan S.

Ruby, Kim Marie

Sabin, Gail S.

Sarvinski, Andrew G.

Schuller, Nolita

Small-Ray, Phillip W.

Springer, David. E.

Stork, Jillian A.

Velasquez, Mark D.

Walston, Gary

Ware, Brandon T.

Whiteshirt, Summer

Wilder, Chally Y.

Withrow, Heather M.


Mary E. Gentry

Member Benefits/Enrollment Administrator

The Klamath Tribes

501 Chilqouin Blvd.

PO Box 436

Chiloquin, OR 97624

Ph: 541-783-2219 X195

Fax: 541-783-7768