[Herald and News] Pipeline company no friend to Klamath County

[Herald and News] Pipeline company no friend to Klamath County

Pipeline company no friend to Klamath County

Pat Bushey

  • Aug 7, 2018

Last week was the Klamath County Fair. I see that Jordan Cove bought carnival tickets for kids to try to drum up some goodwill in our community. Don’t let a few rides on the Tilt-a-Whirl buy you off. The proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline is a bad deal for our county.

This pipeline would put our rivers, our lakes, and our health at risk — plus trample the rights of hundreds of private property owners — for very, very little benefit to us. They are threatening to use eminent domain to force landowners to have the pipeline on their land, even though there’s really no public benefit. The gas will all be loaded onto ships and sold abroad.

They plan to use our water too, taking at minimum 15 million gallons of freshwater from the Klamath River Basin just to test the pipeline. They’re also proposing to take millions of gallons of water from Lake of the Woods. Sorry, we need that water!

If and when the natural gas pipeline leaks — and they always do sooner or later — there could be major hazardous explosions. Given the fires and earthquakes we have in our area, the danger is real.

What would we get in return for all this risk? A few temporary jobs. Most jobs will be filled by out-of-towners with specific skills. I’d rather see us set up some good permanent jobs for our own people in the renewable energy sector.

Governor Kate Brown and Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality have the power to stop this project and they should.

Emma Marris

Klamath Falls