Klamath/Lake County Family Resource information (Updated 3/30)

Klamath/Lake County Family Resource information (Updated 3/30)

Hello Klamath Promise Steering Committee,

Please see the attached family information sheet with resources for families during this time, courtesy of Friends of the Children.  Included in this is information about food resources, meals provided by the school districts, educational packets, and free internet from Spectrum.  Please keep in mind that some of this information has change drastically in the past few weeks, and may continue to do so. 

Be well.  Be connected despite physical space.  Continue to take care of each other, as this group has done so well in our community for several years.

Amanda Squibb | Executive Director | Direct: 541.273.2022 | Mobile: 541.591.7031



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Food Pantries The Food Pantries are all open until further notice.  It is recommended to review the website, Facebook page, or call 541-882-5280 before visiting a pantry.

Food Bank The Food Banks front office is closed through March 27th, but applications for service can be handled at the pantries directly during this time.

Produce Connection All Produce Connections sites are closed until further notice. SNAP Oregonians across the state who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits can now purchase groceries online from Walmart and Amazon.


 City Schools – Meals and Education • Schools will be in touch with families the week of March 30th via phone. • Online optional learning resources on the website http://www.kfalls.k12.or.us/ • City Schools will be checking out Chrome books on Monday, April 6, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the LOEC gym at 1336 Avalon Street.  o This is for any families that do not have a device at home, other than a cell phone, with which to access the internet.  o Checking out one per family. • Lunches and learning packets will be available for all students on Wednesdays, starting on April 1.  o Families will be able to pick these up at their child’s school or on their child’s bus route.  o Five days of breakfasts and lunches will be given at one time each week. Any youth 18 and under is eligible for the food boxes.  o Pre kindergarten children are also eligible.  o When picking up your packets and food, please remember to distance yourselves at least six feet from others. More specific details on meal and packet pickup times and locations will be sent early next week. o Students will be expected to complete their learning packets each week. 

§ Teachers will be calling them at home during the week to monitor their progress, check in to see how they are doing, and if they need any assistance.

County Schools – Meals and Education • Around Monday, April 6, you should expect to receive by mail your student’s first education packet. o Your student will then receive a new packet each week with activities and lessons. The packets should be completed by the student, but do not need to be returned to the school. o Families will be contacted twice weekly by a teacher, who will answer questions and ask your student to report on their progress.  § If you are not contacted by a teacher within a week of receiving your first packet, please email your school building’s principal or call 541-851-8744 and leave a message with your name, school, and contact number. o In the near future, the district also plans to provide supplemental online resources by grade level for families on their website. o During the extended school closure, the Klamath County School District is providing meals (breakfast and lunch) for students at various locations around the district.  § Any student with a dietary restriction will be provided a meal as long as the parent has informed the district. To do so, please email the following information to gracikc@kcsd.k12.or.us: • Student name • Restriction approved by medical personnel • Where the meal will be picked up


No Cost Internet from Spectrum – 60 days Spectrum/Charter is offering all families who do not have internet free service for 60 days.  If your family does not have internet service please call them at 1-844-488-8395.  If school closures are delayed beyond the current closure date of April 1st then city schools will be lending out Chromebooks for students to use at home.  County schools may do something similar, and you may want to check with your child’s individual school.

**Wifi calling is possible with most smart phones and reduce the number of minutes used on your cellular plan.

CenturyLink Lifeline Program  CenturyLink has a program called Lifeline that offers a $12/month discount to those who qualify, but it may take up to 60days before you see a credit on your bill. • For more information all 800-848-4442 • Online application can be found here: https://www.oregon.gov/puc/Pages/Discounted-Service.aspx

UTILITIES: Pacific Power  Pacific Power has temporarily suspended nonpayment disconnections and late fees.

Water Company The water company has suspended non-payment disconnections.  For more information call 541-883-5316. 

OHP   OHP has expanded access to telehealth services for members during this public health crisis. Members are encouraged to stay home and use phone, video, and online appointments for physical and behavioral health. Members should talk to their providers or coordinated care organization (CCO) about making a telehealth appointment.

Klamath and Lake Community Action Services The KLCAS office will be closed for in-person interactions with clients, but they will still be available by phone at 514-882-3500 for program information or referrals to other resources.   KLCAS can mail out program applications as requested and plan to complete any typical inperson work via telephone.  They will mail, email or fax required documentation to applicants for signature.   KLCAS can accept energy assistance applications and required documents via mail at 535 Market Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, via email at energy@klcas.org or via fax at 541-8823674. KLCAS can accept rental assistance applications and required documents via mail at 535 Market Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, via email at rentassist@klcas.org or via fax at 541-882-3674.