Klamath Language Workshop March 15-17, 2019

naat been maqlaqsyalank hemwapk! We will be speaking in Klamath-Modoc again!


We will be facilitating another 3-day language workshop this spring at Goos oLgi gowa Community Center March 15, 16 and 17.

Klamath Tribes Community Center Chiloquin, Oregon.




This workshop is made possible through multi-year collaboration between the Klamath Tribes KTRAP DIB and the American Indian Language Development Institute


The workshop will focus on learning maqlaqsyals for everyday use and discussion. Conversational practice of maqlaqsyals will be emphasized. Must be 18+ to register.


Registration deadline: March 8


For more information and registration, please call AILDI at (520) 621-1068 or go to https://aildi.arizona.edu/content/naat-hemkankla-maqlaqsyalank-1 


For more information and questions, you may contact me at jdupris@email.arizona.edu or AILDI by phone (520) 621-1068 or email coe-aildi@email.arizona.edu.


sepk’eec’a maa’ls,

Joe Dupris