Klamath Newsletter 4th Qtr

Please see the attached last quarter Klamath Newsletter (PDF) for your convenience. Paper copies mailed out this morning.

Inside this news issue:

Press Release: Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement Terminates 

Press Release: Bears Ears Support/Press Release

Senator Merkley Opposition to Pipeline

Day of Action in Salem January 11, 2018: Stand Up for Climate Stop the Pipeline Peaceful Rally

Youth Guest Opinion to Governor Brown – Protect our Future

Klamath Tribal Member Water Meeting Notice and Information

Klamath Tribes Committee Member Application

Indian County Service Recognition- Stan Speaks

Governor Brown Recognition of Indigenous People’s Day

Klamath Tribal Housing Update

Tribal Burial Assistance now available/update

Kla-Mo-Ya Casino Black Jack School

KTHFS Family Sports Fund

Early Literacy Update

Community Services Department Update

Guest column- Great Blue Heron

Klamath Tribal Health Wellness Center Expanded Hours

Community Services Donations Thank you

Education & Employment Information/Update Graduating Seniors Honor Dinner

100 Year Accomplishment: Crater Lake/Sun Creek Project and Video Information

Tribal Administration GM year end overview and 2018 update

Klamath Newsletter 4th Qtr

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