Klamath Tribal Chief Judge Jeremy Brave-Heart brings Oregon Court Learning Process to Chiloquin High School

Klamath Tribal Chief Judge Jeremy Brave-Heart brings Oregon Court Learning Process to Chiloquin High School

By Taylor R. Tupper- Klamath Tribes News Dept.

Oregon Judicial Judges (DeVore, Ortega, and Garrett) preside over the court hearings today in Chiloquin, Oregon. Photos by: Taylor R. Tupper- Klamath Tribal News

Chiloquin, Ore. – Today, May 2, 2017, the Oregon Court of Appeals was on site visiting Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School. Leadership students had a rare opportunity to see how Oregon’s judicial system runs when they came to the school today and was able to hear oral arguments in three separate court cases. In addition, they heard from each judge and the attorney’s handling each case about their careers, schooling, and choice of profession.

Both Klamath Tribes, Clerk of the Court- Michele Lyons, and Chief Judge- Jeremy Brave-Heart were on hand throughout the day for facilitation and assistance.


Jeremy Brave-Heart, Chief Klamath Tribal Judge, said, “Bringing the process into the ‘real world’ for the Chiloquin students helped them see, in person, how governments actually work. By being able to meet with and interact with the Judges, they were able to form new ideas and thoughts.” He added, “It also allowed them eyewitness access to a legal process that very few people get to witness, and allowed their young and bright minds to see how seriously all governments and courts affect the core of who we are as human beings: Our liberty.”

The judges and staff regularly travel around the state to hear oral arguments and talk with high school and college students and community groups about the Court’s work and about Oregon’s justice system.

The Court work to choose cases that involve local parties and lawyers and present issues that would interest the students. Klamath Tribes Chief Judge Jeremy Brave-Heart initiated this process by first coordinating directly with Judge Ortega, and then with Chiloquin High Principal Denise Brumels to bring the appellate court to Chiloquin.

The library was set up to meet specifications from the court, including a bench for three judges, tables for attorneys, court security officers, seating for the leadership class and other personnel and staff.

The three Oregon Judicial Judges (DeVore, Ortega, and Garrett) heard three hearings, which started at 9am Tuesday May 2nd. After each hearing, the Judges, and attorney’s provided background information about the case, themselves, and question and answer sessions for students between each case.

Rob Kardell, social studies and leadership teacher says “This is great to see the court system in action. They get to ask questions of the judges and learn why the courts do what they do.”

Following the hearings, the Judges and the Chiloquin Leadership class had an informal lunch where students could talk openly and ask more specific questions of the Judges and each case.

Chiloquin High School Youth Leadership Class 2017

– If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.- John Quincy Adams

For more information about this project please contact: Klamath Tribal Clerk of the Court, Michele Lyon at 541-783-3020 ext. 112