Klamath Tribal Culture & Heritage Department Update

Klamath Tribal Culture & Heritage Department Update

Information provided by: Culture & Heritage Department Director, Perry Chocktoot

Photo by: Klamath News Dept., Rhonda Kruhler

Left to right: Perry Chocktoot, Harold Wright, Mandy Roberson, and Lilliann Watah

Left to right: Perry Chocktoot, Harold Wright, Mandy Roberson, and Lilliann Watah


The Klamath Tribes Culture and Heritage Department has four employees:

The Administrative Assistant – Mandy Roberson

Cultural Resource Protection Specialist – Lilliann Watah

Language Instructor – Harold Wright

Director of the Culture and Heritage Department- Perry Chocktoot Jr.


  • Mandy Roberson – Takes care of all clerical duties and management of the department when Director is unavailable.
  • Lilliann Watah – Provides site protection and consultation for the Department.
  • Harold Wright – Teaches the language in the various schools and to the larger tribal public.
  • Perry Chocktoot- I oversee the department and do site protection as well as consultation with the various agencies listed below.


The following are some of the obligations of the Department.

  • The requisition of Eagle feathers for individual tribal members through the repository in Denver Colorado.
  • All Language materials are supplied to the general tribal public which include a Klamath/Modoc Language Book and CD. A Yahooskin Language Book and CD.
  • A Botanical harvest book is supplied to the general tribal public entitled  (Roots and Berries ) This book not only shows pictures and drawings of botanicals it also shows location maps for the acquisition of the


  • The department distributes an historical text known as the Footsteps of Gmukamps. This book was created by the National Parks Service and are free to the tribal public. This book is about two areas in our aboriginal territories that we consider sacred they are the Lava Beds National Monument and the Crater Lake National Park.
  • The department distributes any cultural information the larger Tribal Public.


The following are events the department is responsible for on an annual basis:

C’waam Ceremony –   Last part of March

Root Gathering – End of May first of June

Culture Camp – Last week of July and the First week of August – children’s ages for the first week 6-12 second week 13- 17


The Culture and Heritage Department is responsible for consultation with the following agencies on projects that may impact cultural resources.

BLM – Modoc County, Klamath County, Lake County, Jackson County, Deschutes County, Lane County

Lava Beds National Monument

Forest Service – Middle Fork District, High Cascades District, Winema/Fremont District, Siverlake District, Paisley District, Lakeview District, Goose Nest District, Bly District, and the Deschutes District.

Crater Lake National Park

Klamath County Planning Commission

Oregon Department of Transportation

City Parks

Cultural Clusters – with the Nine Federally Recognized Tribes of Oregon (Quarterly Meetings)

State Parks

Oregon State Police, Various Sherriff’s Departments and various City Police

The State Historical Preservation Office

School Presentations

Public Presentations (Flint Knapping) and (Cultural Presentations which include a Power Point)


For more information about the Culture & Heritage Department call:

541-783-2219 or 1-800-524-9787



*Note: This update is provided to you courtesy of each department. Departments will be providing their information to the news department on a monthly basis.

Each month, a different department will be “highlighted” to provide information to our community and membership.


Thank you,

Ms. Taylor R. Tupper

Klamath Tribes Public Information/News Dept.

Tribal Administration Office

501 Chiloquin Blvd, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

email: taylor.tupper@klamathtribes.com

Phone: 541-783-2219 ext. 147




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