Klamath Tribes 1st Annual Youth Leadership Summit and Election Results!

New Youth Council Chairwoman is Ashia Wilson, (bottom row- 4th Chair)

Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and commitment over the past 3 days!

Photos by: Taylor R. Tupper- Klamath News Dept.


We are happy to announce…

The 1st Annual Youth Leadership Summit held

August 21-23 2017

at the Oregon Institute of Technology

in Klamath Falls, Oregon was a SUCCESS!

Klamath Tribal Youth and Staff Administrators took a quick break to pause for a photo after a fast paced 3 day Summit

Meet your new Klamath Tribes Youth Council 2017

We are very proud to announce the 1st Ever, Elected Klamath Tribes Youth Council
Pictured LtoR (Front Row): Treasurer- Hannah Schroeder; Secretary- Alexa Martinez; Vice-Chair- Sisika Sampson
(Back Row): Member- Orville Schroeder; Member- Laura Schroeder; Member- Riggs Schonchin; Member- Sahalie Crain; Member- Leah Murray; Member- Ei-Shah Pirtle-Boise;
and Member- Natahna Schonchin-Noneo, who was at another presentation at time of photo today.
Klamath Tribal Council Members: Don Gentry, Kathleen Hatcher-Mitchell, and Devery Saluskin was on-site today for the Youth Election Announcement!

More photos and full story coming soon!