Klamath Tribes – Cultural Resource & Site Protection

This photo features a screenshot from EPA of their YouTube Video, featuring Klamath Tribal Member, Jeff Mitchell

The short video clip about cultural monitoring at North Ridge Estates was recently uploaded to YouTube by Judy Smith, Public Affairs Specialist US EPA, Region 10. Please have a look (if you have access to YouTube) and feel free to share the post with others.

See video at the EPA website or by clicking here…  https://www.facebook.com/eparegion10/posts/10154807815551758


Klamath Tribes Culture & Heritage Department Director Perry Chocktoot shared this remark regarding the project. “The project is to remove asbestos that was illegally disposed of on the surface of the North Ridge Subdivision. The Tribal involvement consists of monitors to assure that significant cultural resources and cultural areas are protected while the ground disturbing activities are taking place.”  He added, “The Klamath Tribes are dedicated to not only cultural resource protection, but the protection of those who live in the original homeland of the Klamath Tribes, the health and safety of people are extremely important.”


The North Ridge Estates Superfund Site is a residential subdivision located approximately three miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon. The site is contaminated with asbestos as a result of the improper demolition of approximately eighty 1940s-era military barracks buildings. North Ridge Estates was added to the National Priorities List in 2011 after annual efforts to remove contamination were not effective for long-term protection of human health. Asbestos-containing materials and soil are being removed from the old military barracks site during three seasons of cleanup. Additional contamination at the nearby Kingsley Firing Range, also part of the site, will be investigated and completed at a later time.

Clean Up Update:

The remedial construction for Season 1 began in late-July and concluded at the end of November 2016 as heavy work is unable to be conducted during winter months. Construction staff will remain onsite through the winter months preparing for Season 2. Approximately 2 – 4 feet of asbestos contaminated soil and debris will be excavated and replaced with clean topsoil. The contaminated soil and debris will be placed in secure on-site repositories.

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