Klamath Tribes Finding Bigfoot Episode

Klamath Tribes Finding Bigfoot Episode- Coming Soon in April 2016!

Stay tuned for more information!



Back story:

In November 2015, the Klamath Tribes Hosted Animal Planet for the television series FINDING BIGFOOT.  The cast and crew was on location in Chiloquin, Oregon, for two weeks. While here, they met and visited hundreds of tribal members, heard stories, learned our history, and went on location with select members of the Klamath Tribes.

It was good to listen to the stories and learn about what is known in this area as “the keeper of the woods” or in the tribal languages as:

matah kagmi – Modoc Language

Yay’ ahya’h?as- Klamath Language

Si-Te-Cah – Paiute


Complete details and listing will be coming soon! Early April is the BUZZ at the television station.


I will put out more information as I am notified by the Producer.