Klamath Tribes new hotel ground breaking ceremony

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Klamath Tribes new hotel ground breaking ceremony

By: Taylor R. Tupper- Klamath Tribes News Dept.

August 15, 2017

CHILOQUIN, OREGON — On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, another dream of the Klamath Tribes became reality. A hotel ground breaking ceremony was held adjacent to Kla-Mo-Ya Casino, along Hwy 97 in Chiloquin, Oregon.  The ceremony solidified a partnership for a 76-room hotel between the Klamath Tribes and Choice Hotel to build a Sleep Inn Suites complete with indoor pool, conference room, workout facility, guest laundry and breakfast space for hotel visitors. The new hotel will be located directly off Highway 97 connected to the primary parking lot of  Kla-Mo-Ya Casino. It will be a 6.5 million dollar project and will be the 3rd business owned and operated by the Klamath Tribes, others include Kla-Mo-Ya Casino and the Crater Lake Junction Travel Center, all three are located at 34333 US-97, Chiloquin, OR 97624.


This new venture further solidifies the tribes’ presence in their aboriginal territory and shows their continued commitment to the community and economic growth for the region. The Klamath Tribes Economic Development Executive Director, Jared Hall, who’s been spearheading this project the last 3 years said, “Today is a really great day, I’m honored to be here. Today is all about teamwork and perseverance. This monumental moment has been a long time coming and there are simply too many people over the years to individually thank them all, but recognition of our tribal elders, Tribal Council past and present, General Council, Kla-Mo-Ya Casino staff and management, GRC, Crater Lake Junction Travel center personnel, Tribal Administration, Modoc Contracting Company, ZCS Engineering, and Umpqua Bank are definitely in my top list for appreciation today.”  Jared added, “I’m definitely glad this day has arrived.  It will be great for the tribe and help catapult us to the next economic development venture as we seek to gain economic self-sufficiency in the future. So let’s enjoy this great moment and I hope to see everyone back here in the summer of 2018, when we hold our hotel grand opening… Thank you everyone!”

Hope to see everyone next Summer 2018 for the targeted Hotel Grand Opening!

Klamath Tribal Chairman Don Gentry provided opening comments with Klamath Tribes Economic Executive Director, Jared Hall.


Visitors gather at the site location while the White Sage Drum gets ready to bless the ceremony with their music and prayers.
Building Partnerships- naanok ?ans naat sat’waYa naat ciiwapk diceew’a “We help each other; We will live good.”
Songmi Sweet- Umpqua Bank; Jared Hall- Klamath Tribes; Jude Marchessault- Modoc Contracting; Josh Modin- ZCS Engineering.
Tribal Elders, Betty Blackwolf and Clay Chocktoot honored the ceremony
with their beautiful spirits. Clay also provided the opening prayer and
blessing as the Chairman of the Tribal Elder’s Committee.
Special thank you goes to our tribal Veteran’s and Memorial Day Powwow
Queens: NaTahna Schonchin-Noneo and Alexa Martinez. Great to have
your beautiful smiles bless this day.

Pictured left to right: Alexa Martinez- Memorial Powwow Queen; NaTahna Schonchin-Noneo- Veteran’s Powwow Queen; Steve Weiser- Klamath Tribal Council; Jude Marchessault- Modoc Contracting Inc; Jeannie McNair- Klamath Tribal Council; David Marchessault- Modoc Contracting Inc; Brandi Hatcher- Klamath Tribal Council Treasurer; Gail Hatcher- Klamath Tribal Council Vice-Chairwoman; Josh Modin- ZCS Engineering; Don Gentry- Klamath Tribal Council Chairman; Joe Gentry- Klamath Tribes Gaming Regulatory Commissioner; Perry Chocktoot- Klamath Tribal Council; Kathleen Hatcher-Mitchell- Klamath Tribal Council; E.J. Miller- Klamath Tribes Gaming Regulatory Commissioner; Clay Chocktoot- Klamath Tribal Elder’s Committee Chairman; Songmi Sweet- Senior Vice-President Commercial Banking Manager Umpqua Bank; Jeff Richardson-Umpqua Bank Underwriter; Jared Hall- Klamath Tribes Economic Development Executive Director; Agustus Abicoa- CFO Kla-Mo-Ya Casino; and Eric Wright- Kla-Mo-Ya Casino General Manager. All photos by: Taylor R. Tupper- Klamath Tribes News/Public Information Department Manager.


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