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Hello Again Everyone!


Just a quick note to share the ” news link” to the Klamath Tribes news segment with KTVL News Channel 10- Just in case you missed it on the 22nd!


Click the following link to view the information from three of our tribal members: Natalie Ball, Don Gentry, and Perry Chocktoot.


dondirToday, Klamath Tribal Chairman, Don Gentry and Culture & Heritage Director, Perry Chocktoot did some interviews regarding Dam Removal and Salmon Recovery.

Natalie Ball interviewed regarding the importance of Salmon and eating healthy for her daughter and family as a whole.

Tribal Members from the Hoopa, Yurok, Karuk, and Klamath will be participating in the Run.  Call the number below for more information.


natNatalie says, “I think the run is a prayer within itself, we are focused on one idea,

and this is the route that the Salmon go, and we are traveling that route too…

It’s a part of our culture that we lost, and it’s time we had it back.”


Note: This quote is a retraction from the first eblast of the Klamath News.

Ms. Ball does not want the politics of the dams to interfere with the true and spiritual reason for the Run, and we agree.

“We believe that if the Salmon cannot make the journey Physically,

then it is the responsibility of the people to make the run on their behalf Spiritually.” – Thank you.  T. Tupper- Klamath News Dept.


All Participants Welcome!  If you are interested in helping or running, please call the numbers listed below!Untitled-3