Lest We Forget…

Pray for the Fish!

100 Year Prayer- October 25th, 2017

10:15am – Pacific Time

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, marks the 100 year anniversary since the Copco 1 Dam, on the Klamath River, closed its gates and shut off Salmon and Steelhead to the entire Klamath Lake Basin and upper tributaries in Oregon.

Please join us tomorrow (Wednesday, October 25th at 10:00am) for a collective prayer for the Return of the Fish. We know all things come full circle and our battle for fish recovery is not only a Treaty Right, but necessary for eco-system and spiritual restoration!

The following information was provided to us by our lower Klamath River friends. Everyone please take a moment (Oct 25th) to join prayers for the “return of the fish”- as we continue this long battle to restore their presence in the upper basin and their abundance in the Klamath River.

Note: Copco 1 dam on the lower Klamath River in Oregon and Northern California, is one of four hydro dams that was built without the promised fish ladders. The river tribes and many others have been working for years towards dam removal and fish recovery.  The four dams include: Iron Gate, Copco 1, Copco 2, JC Boyle.

Historical Eulalona Marker: “All along the top” Indian Village photo- Gathering Place of the Tribes
Taken above the Link River Dam that is located in Klamath Falls, Oregon
*The marker now sits near the bridge at Moore park.
*Also the site where Winema was born- at the base where the Link River Dam was built.

Note taken from Snyder 1931 page 22 footnote:

The Williamson River and the entire Klamath Lake basin are now closed to the
migration of salmon and steelheads, the dam at Copco having become operative as a
barrier October 25, 1917, according to H. A. Frazer of the California Oregon Power

1891 Photo on the Link River in Klamath Falls – at base of Eulalona Indian Village
Klamath River Salmon and Steelhead prior to the dams
J.C. Boyle Dam on the Klamath River
Copco 2 Dam on the Klamath River
Copco 1 Dam on ther Klamath River- No Fish passage
Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River- No fish passage
The Klamath Falls today 2017, along the Link River below the Link River Dam —- There are no salmon or steelhead.

October 25, 2017 at 10:15am— People pray for sacred fish to return to their historic home