News Update: Youth Council in Salem to Oppose the Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline

Klamath Tribes Youth Council is at Oregon State Capitol.

Yesterday at 1:29 PM · Salem ·

On March 28, 2018, members of the Klamath Tribes Youth Council traveled to the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem, for a series of meetings with Oregon State Legislators, asking elected officials to stand with the Klamath Tribes, Rogue Climate, and those in opposition to the proposed Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline Project.

The Youth went to represent not only themselves, but the future generations that stand for clean water and protection of Oregon’s clean air.

They traveled with William Hess, Youth Council Coordinator for the Klamath Tribes, and joined Rogue Climate and other tribal members for the all day sessions.

Klamath Tribes Youth Council: Laura Schroeder, Kateri Kimbol, Orville Schroeder, Shayla Ochoa. (Aishia Wilson as also in attendance for the Council).
Attending the planning session with other NO Pipeline Organizations, Members and Rogue Climate

Below are photos of the events/planning sessions.  Thank you to the Youth Council, and others for their continued actions and leadership regarding important issues of the Tribe and Oregon.

Klamath Tribal Members, Rowena Jackson and Ka’ila Farrell-Smith also attended the sessions with the Youth Council and for Signal Fire- coordinating a No Pipeline Art and Signage Project. Fist Up! No Pipeline through our traditional territory.
Groups broke up into teams and attended meetings with Legislators. The teams also met with E. Werner Reschke (District 56) for Klamath Falls/Basin area. And although he met with the Youth Council, he informed them he cannot support their actions, as he Supports the Jordan Cove Pipeline. The Youth held their ground, presented their letter and information and graciously continued their work for the future.

The Youth Council also provided this letter to anyone they visited including Representative Reschke

Klamath County does NOT support the Jordan Cove fracked gas pipeline.

We the undersigned want it well understood that many people in Klamath County emphatically do not support the Jordan Cove project. Most in our county are not willing to be bought off by a Canadian fossil fuel corporation—to have our private property taken through eminent domain and assume serious risks to our freshwater and natural lands—for the mere promise of only $5 million and some temporary jobs. History has shown that promises like this are rarely kept.

For the sake of comparison, according to the Klamath Tribes Economic Development Executive Director, The Klamath Tribes currently puts back (conservatively) OVER $50 MILLION annually directly into the Klamath Basin economy. Yet the Klamath Tribes opposition to this ill-advised project is completely ignored by many of the County’s representatives and the leaders of the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce .

Tourism is a growing industry here; it brings our county nearly $200 million in revenue each year and supports nearly 2,000 jobs, according to Discover Klamath. Why would we risk polluting or destroying with gas explosions the very natural wonders these tourists are seeking? Why would we carve huge gashes across our lands to transport fuels that contribute to climate change, which threatens our homes and livelihoods? We care about the future of Klamath County.

At the recent standing-room only Department of State Lands hearing in Klamath Falls, public comments ran two to one against the project, and many who spoke in favor were not Klamath County residents but bused in by the company from Northern Oregon.

Klamath County residents value private property and do not like the government seizing private lands to benefit an out of state corporation. Klamath County residents love our clean waters, or fish, our forest lands—and do not want them ripped up, fouled with drilling fluids and sediment, and permanently clearcut. Klamath County residents include many tribal members who have a long-standing and sacred relationship to the waters, land, and fish that would be put at risk by the pipeline—as well as a legal 1864 Treaty Right to harvest resources in their traditional lands, a right which is also threatened.

Let it be know, Klamath County does not support the pipeline, nor has there been a VOTE by the People of Klamath County. Therefore, in our opinion, the elected officials should NOT be traveling to the Capitol mis-representing their own constituents and the Youth of the Future!  They can keep their measly 5 million- our natural beauty and clean water is Not For Sale!

Thank you,

Klamath Tribes Youth Council

Thank you Klamath Tribes Youth Council and all those that support our efforts to Stop the Jordan Cove LNG Pipeline!