Notice: IRS $1200 Stimulus Economic Impact Payments

Notice: IRS $1200 Stimulus Economic Impact Payments

To All,

The Klamath Tribal Council is providing the following IRS information to
Klamath tribal members who are receiving VA assistance, SSI, or who are not
required to file federal taxes but are eligible for the Covid Economic Impact
Payment of $1,200 from the IRS.

*Note, it is important to know, this is not a payment from the Klamath Tribes.
This funding is provided directly from the Federal Government (IRS) and you
must confirm eligibility and fill in information through their websites listed

The following link is copied from the IRS website:

These links above will take applicants that have not been required to file tax
returns or those on VA or SSI assistance to where they can to enter their
information to receive their payments.

Economic Impact Payments – Treasury has opened an online portal for non-filers
(i.e., those individuals who have not filed tax returns), which includes many
tribal members, to provide their banking information so they can receive their
Economic Impact Payments quickly. Please encourage your members to visit the
website to fill-in their information.

SSI: Individuals who already receive Social Security benefits – including SSI
and SSDI – don’t have to take any further action, they will receive their
Economic Impact Payment in the same form (direct deposit, check, or pre-loaded
debit card) as they get their standard SS benefit. The only exception is for
families with children under 17 who receive SSDI – the parents have to
register separately (through the website above) to receive the additional $500
for each eligible child. Likewise, individuals who receive VA assistance will
need to fill in their payment information also.

For more information about your 2020 Covid Economic Impact Payment please go

Thank you and please Stay Healthy
We pray this will all be over soon.

Klamath Tribal Chairman, Don Gentry