Notice regarding the Cobell Settlement Deadline.

Final Deadline to Submit Documents Set for Payment in the Cobell Settlement and Court Approval of Initial Scholarship Payment:

The US District Court for the District of Columbia (the “Court”) has set November 27, 2017 as the final deadline for any Class Member or the heir of a Class Member to provide documentation so that payment can be made. The Court approved one exception in its Order, Class Member estates pending probate proceedings at the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Hearing and Appeals (“OHA”) as of November 27, 2017, will have their payments held until the OHA proceedings are finalized. Those payments will then be distributed to the heirs. All other documentation must be received by the Claims Administrator or postmarked by November 27, 2017.

Additionally, in its Order the Court approved an initial transfer of $21,773,438.50 to the Indian Education Scholarship Fund. For more information about the Cobell Scholarship, please visit

Should you have any questions about the types of documentation acceptable for payment or if you are a Class Member or heir to a Class Member and you have not received your check, please do not hesitate to call (800) 961-6109. 

You may also call Mary Gentry, Member Benefits Administrator at 541-783-2219 x195 for list or assistance.


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Member Benefits/Enrollment Administrator

The Klamath Tribes

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