OREGON TRIBES: Protecting our Tribal Culture and Sacred Sites

Good News!

OREGON TRIBES: Protecting our Tribal Culture and Sacred Sites

A Signing Ceremony for SB 144-A was held in Salem, Oregon at Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s Office, at the end of June, 2017.

Klamath Tribal Culture and Heritage Director and Tribal Council Member, Perry Chocktoot, was on location with other Oregon Tribal Officials and Delegates for the signing in June.

The bill prohibits taking of artifacts from state public lands and also allows the Oregon Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute if the district attorney declines to prosecute these cultural resources crimes.  Tribes and several state agencies as well as the state-tribal cultural resources cluster have been discussing and working on this process for many years.  It has also been a long-term topic and issue of concern for LCIS – the (Legislative Commission on Indian Services).     Our thanks to LCIS Member-Legislators who sponsored the bill. The bill passed 29-0 (1 excused) in the Senate and 53-0 (7 excused) in the House.

The bill (SB 144) takes effect January 1, 2018.

This is great news and “Thank you” to everyone for all your time and hard work on this important process to protect our Culture and Sacred sites.


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