Reminder! Meeting today, Friday (March 24th) in Klamath Falls, Oregon 4-8pm

The Klamath Tribal Council Encourages Klamath Tribal Members and those concerened about your future environment to Attend!

NO LNG Pipeline!


The project has been rejected twice by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) – most recently in December 2016.

But now, with a new administration in Washington DC, Veresen has pre-filed for a new application, claiming that because it made some changes in the proposal it is entitled to restart the entire process.

FERC requires that a company hold “open houses” in each county along the pipeline route. Veresen has suddenly announced that those open houses are about to happen on very short notice (see schedule and locations below).

DATES for Klamath will take place from 4pm-8pm at:

  • 3/24/2017 – Klamath Falls – Oregon Institute of Technology (3201 Campus Dr. Mt. Mazama Room)
  • In September of 2016, Tribal Council, on behalf of the Klamath Tribes, voted to oppose the pipeline. The construction of the LNG pipeline from Malin, Oregon to the Pacific Ocean Coast, would take place on lands that are within the traditional territory of the Klamath Tribes, and where there are located many significant cultural resources of historical importance to the Tribes. The route of the LNG pipeline that we examined showed it would go through areas where villages once existed and may unearth human remains since graves with human remains have been found in these areas. The route would also go under the Klamath River and the Rogue River, which since time immemorial have been and continue to be important sources of fish. The Tribes were very concerned with the risks to fish species if the LNG pipeline was to leak or otherwise release contaminants into these two rivers, and how that would adversely affect these important resources and the health of millions of people.


    And in closing,  our Council and tribal people are dedicated to this effort and the protection of clean water and natural resources now and in the future.