Returned Checks Notice!

Returned Checks Notice! See attached list…


The attached list of checks have been returned to The Klamath Tribes Member Benefits department marked “Return to Sender,” “Forward Time Expired,” “Vacant,” “Unable to Forward,” “Address Unknown.” If your name is on this list we need an updated signed (by the individual member) Change of Address form before we can send out the returned check.  Please be informed, in order to receive you annual distribution check in a timely manner we require address updates by May 15 of each year. It is the responsibility of each member to keep The Klamath Tribes Member Benefits and Enrollment departments informed regarding your and your minor children’s address changes.


Please call us and request a Change of Address (COA) form or go to The Klamath Tribes website at www.klamath and download the address update form on the Administration/Member Benefits Department page.

December 31, 2016:  ALL checks will be VOID after 180 days and non-negotiable per KTRAP 50.14(l).  Please keep check stub for Federal Income Tax reporting. 1099 tax forms are sent when the income is over $600.00.





Mary E. Gentry

Administrator, Member Benefits

The Klamath Tribes

P.O. Box 436

501 Chiloquin Blvd.

Chiloquin, OR 97624

(541) 783-2219 ext. 195

(800) 524-9787

Fax: (541) 783-7768

“It is our Vision to Provide 100% of our membership with current available benefits and to seek out new innovative, creative options for new benefits.”


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