Shady Cove City Council formally opposes LNG again!

The Klamath Tribes of Oregon also Officially Opposes this Pipeline.  *See the Klamath Tribes NO PIPELINE VIDEO on our website at: (scroll to bottom of home page) or on You Tube:  NO LNG Pipeline! Klamath Tribes

If allowed it will be the largest pollutant in the Western Hemisphere.

No LNG. No Pipeline.

Twice already, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has said that a fracked gas pipeline and export project in Southern Oregon, proposed by a Canadian corporation, is not in the public interest. Once in March 2016, and again in December 2016. 

But Pembina, the company proposing the Pacific Connector Pipeline and the Jordan Cove LNG Export Terminal, is hoping that the influence of huge campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry in the 2016 elections will push Congress, the White House, and Oregon state agencies to allow this zombie pipeline project to come back from the dead.

In December 2016, the former company, Veresen, announced that they planned to try again and in January 2017, started the pre-filing process to ask FERC to consider the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export project again.

This 229 mile pipeline and fracked gas export project would trample the rights of landowners through use of eminent domain, disturb tribal territories and burial grounds, threaten 400 waterways, put existing jobs in fishing, tourism, and other sectors at risk, drive up energy prices, and create a major new source of climate pollution.

The campaign to stop the proposed Pacific Connector fracked gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove LNG export Terminal in southern Oregon is comprised of landowners, businesses, climate and conservation groups, native tribes, and concerned residents working together to protect our home from fossil fuel exports and create clean energy jobs instead.

Follow the campaign to stop Jordan Cove on facebook and instagram and twitter at @noLNGexports.

*Currently over 10,000 people have commented in opposition to this pipeline, during the Clean Water Act comment period. The comment period has been extended now until August 20, so we are confident thousands more will come forward to protect the earth and the valued resources.

Great Job!

Add another City to the looooong list of Oregon Groups to officially oppose the Jordan Cove (LNG) Pipeline Project!

The City of Shady Cove formally opposed the pipeline again tonight!  Thank you to Joyce for bringing the issues up at the council meeting tonight!

SHADY COVE, Ore. — Plenty of landowners, activists, and other individuals have expressed their opposition to this pipeline, which spans more than 230 miles of Oregon land.

But with the route passing just outside of shady cove city limits, the city is adding their voice to the mix.

Tonight Shady Cove City Council moves to formally oppose the proposed pipeline.

“Our responsibility is to the citizens of Shady Cove and the businesses. And this is bad for the majority of citizens in Shady Cove, and is not healthy for the businesses. It can affect tourism, it affects fishing, it affects hotels, it affects restaurants,” says Tom Sanderson, Mayor of Shady Cove.

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