Support Your Tribal Enterprise: Crater Lake Travel Center, Chiloquin, Oregon

Information provided by: Klamath Tribes Economic Development Executive Director, Jared Hall. Photos by: Taylor Tupper, Klamath News Dept.




Chiloquin, Oregon-   Don’t look now, but gas is approaching $3 a gallon at the pump in 2015. Mainly due to the massive decline in Crude Oil prices ($43 a barrel at one point), catalyzed by the opening up of domestic drilling in the United States of America. It’s a microcosm of classic supply and demand economics. This bodes well for all of us Natives filling up our rides and hitting the open road to enjoy family visits, powwows, hunting, fishing, rodeos, concerts, and sporting events of all kinds. It’s been serendipity so far for us in tribal country during 2015, we should probably enjoy this while it lasts.

While you prepare for your daily commute or future trip, I would like to take time to encourage all Klamath Tribal Members,  the importance and benefits of using the services of our Crater Lake Junction Travel Center (CLJTC). To start, when you use your CLJTC Rewards card at the pump, you automatically receive $.03 cents off of every gallon purchased. Ok, so it’s not the biggest saving s in the world, but it’s a start and maybe one day if the business grows the tribe in return could increase the discount at the pump to each individual Klamath Tribal Member. So look at it this way, you’re keeping tribal dollars in our own tribal economy. Did you know that CLJTC has 80%+ percent Tribal employment? That’s an economic success in itself. So you’re not just filling up your tank, your keeping tribal members employed in-directly with every fill up, that’s a positive way to think about it. If you like the sound of that concept, there’s more, if you decide to continue your business in the store then your tribal dollar becomes an economic multiplier. Every product purchased in the store will provide the same economic impact that you accomplished at the pump.

Looking ahead to the more strategic future, it will be even more imperative to use our own fueling services. There is a strong possibility in 2015 of finalizing a Fuel Tax Refund agreement between the Klamath Tribes and the State of Oregon. The refund will be based off a State engineered formula that will determine a threshold that will define and cap the max refund back to the Tribes. In order to receive the max refund, there will need to be a minimum volume of gallons of gasoline sold annually at the Crater Lake Junction Travel Center. Every gallon of gasoline sold will be vital to the Klamath Tribes achieving the max refund in perpetuity.


  • Bring official Klamath Tribal Federal Identification Card and ask a store clerk to sign you up for a  Tribal Rewards Card (Black)
  • Use it every time you fill up to receive the $.03 cents off every gallon purchased
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Klamath Tribes Crater Lake Travel Center/ Truck & Fuel Stop  – Located next to Kla-Mo-Ya Casino, Chiloquin, Oregon.

34005 US-97, Chiloquin, OR 97624

(541) 783-9800