The Lacrosse Clinic, held in Chiloquin Oregon

The Lacrosse Clinic, held in Chiloquin Oregon, in conjunction with the Klamath Tribes 31st Annual Restoration Celebration.

Photos and information by Taylor R. Tupper- News Dept.

This year’s event was lead and taught by Klamath Tribal Members, Sam and Lee Lawver- they are brothers and the son’s of Denise Lawver. They are also the direct descendants of the last known Modoc Chief, Ha-Kar-Gar-Ush (Chief Yellowhammer, aka Ben Lawver). Their uncle was the late Bert Lawver and grandfather, the late Ram Lawver. *Both pictured above: Sam on left in orange Beavers shirt. Lee on right in black Portland cap.

Sam Lawver is the starting goalie for the Oregon State Beavers Lacrosse Team. He will be finishing at OSU this year with a degree in engineering. His future goals include trying out for the National Indian Lacrosse Team, which will take him to New York and around the nation. Lee Lawver is currently a lead Civil Engineer at Bonneville Power in Vancouver, Wa., where he works in Homeland Security.

Thank you to Denise and her son’s for coming and volunteering their time to start the beginning teachings of Creator’s Game- Lacrosse!  What a beautiful day with fantastic people!

One of Rooster Jackson’s twins learns how to scoop the ball.

Below are few more snap shots and information regarding the clinic held in Chiloquin, Oregon today.

Mercedes Paschal learns how to catch during the pass exercise.
Bear Kimbol uses her skills to pass.
Sam shows the technique to grip for better control.

Hope to see everyone thru the weekend at the 31st Annual Restoration Celebration!

Thank you to the youth and families who participated today.