Tribal Spotlight on Success: Rowena Jackson

Tribal Spotlight on Success: Rowena Jackson

Spotlight on Success, Hard work and Dedication

Today, Klamath Tribal Member, Rowena Jackson went before Klamath Tribal Council seeking support.

The following note is from Rowena to Council,


To the Klamath Tribal Council,

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak today before our Tribal Council. I asked for a letter of support for our Hawaiian relatives who are for science, but not at the expense of their precious sacred mountain. Tradition has more value than business. From our Sacred mountain (Crater Lake) to Mauna Kea. I am also grateful to be blessed with this letter of support from the Klamath Tribes and our tribal flag.

Thank you

Rowena Jackson

cell #: 458-215-5954

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