Video: C’WAAM Story & Ceremony 2019

Thank you goes to Brian Gailey of Klamath Falls News, for his coverage and video of the Klamath Tribes Annual c’waam Ceremony. Sharing our story and the true meaning of the importance of this fish (the cleaners of the water) is important to our survival- not only in this community, but in the Klamath Basin, and beyond.

Thank you Brian. We appreciate your time and effort to provide news coverage.

Taylor Tupper- Klamath Tribes News Dept.

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Subject: FW: C’WAAM Story

The story is live.

Klamath Tribe blesses C’WAAM and honors Creator in ceremony

Story w/ video:

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The Klamath Tribes doing all we can to save the fish… and the people! The c’waam ceremony is a Life Ceremony