Your Integrated Care Team: Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services

Just in case you missed the Integrated Care Team (ICT) Meet and Greet last week in Chiloquin, Oregon

at the Klamath Tribes Wellness Center- Here is some information for you!

Photo by: Taylor Tupper- Klamath Tribes News Dept.

1.What is an Integrated Care Team (ICT)?

An Integrated Care Team is made up of a Provider, Registered Nurse, and a Medical Assistant. This ICT will be your Primary Care team that will provide the care you need.

2.Why do I need an Integrated Care Team (ICT) and how does this affect me?

An Integrated Care Team (ICT) is building a lasting relationship with a Care Team. So you do not have to tell your story over and over again. Care Teams know and understand the patient’s story so they can focus on our health. Establishing care and being seen regularly by your ICT will allow for proper monitoring of health conditions, conduct medication adjustments and ensure you do not have delay in medications as well as ensuring you receive timely medication refills.

3.How many ICTs are available?

Today there are four ICT’s available to serve your family and you.

4.What if I do not like my ICT? Can I change Teams?

      Yes you can, however, we have the utmost confidence in our ICTs and are certain you          

      will feel comfortable with the care you receive. With that being said, you will have an                                      

      option to change if needed.


5.How do I make an appointment to see my provider?

You can still call and schedule with the medical clerks, but now you will be able to schedule with the Case Manager (RN) as well.

6.Can I keep my current provider? How do I do that?

Yes, you can keep your current provider. When you check in with Patient Registration you will just let them know you would like to stay with the provider you are seeing now.

7.How does this affect the Walk-In Clinic? Will I still be able to

utilize the Walk-In Clinic?

This does not affect the Walk-In Clinic in any way. Patients will still be able to use the Walk-In Clinic during the Walk-In hours. In accordance with existing policy, patients will not be able to utilize the Walk-In clinic for prescription refills. An appointment will need to be made with your ICT. Walk-In Clinic is for minor medical injuries or illnesses such as sore throat, ear aches, coughs, minor skin infections, etc. You will still need to see your primary care provider for chronic issues such as diabetes. Hypertension, pain management, etc. 

8.Will I still have access to the specialty clinics i.e. Rheumatology and Podiatry?   Yes, you will still have access to the specialty clinics. You must be referred by your ICT team.

9.How do I sign up for an ICT?

Patient Registration will have ICT packets available for you. You will select your ICT team and Patient Registration will add who you have selected.

10.If I change to a different ICT, how do I get my refills on my medication? Your former provider will prescribe enough medication until you can get in to see your new ICT.