Seeking the Voices of Tribal Youth – Call to Action!

Kickoff Meeting Held Today- More to come


Photo by: Taylor R. Tupper- Klamath Tribes News Dept. Photo of Klamath Tribal Council Members, Klamath Tribal Health Employees, Health and Administration General Managers, Teachers, Parents, and Klamath Tribal youth ages 6-12th grade (and one baby brother). We are dedicated to building a successful future

Klamath Falls, Oregon-  Today, January 27, 2017 kicked off with the first gathering of the Klamath Tribes Youth Initiative “Call to Action”. The focus of the initiative is to seek to hear the voices of the Tribal Youth.  Efforts will include meetings, outreach, and other techniques designed to gather information and bring our youth’s thoughts and needs to the forefront of tribal vision planning as we recognize our youth are our future.

This initiative aims to foster change and to construct an effective environment for youth participation in the decision making process and community development through dialogue and immediate action. The Klamath Tribes are dedicated to supporting and empowering youth in their efforts to build a just, equitable and sustainable future.

Tribal youth work on a project focusing on their needs, who they are, and what is important to them.
Today’s exercises were conducted with both adults and leaders of the tribe inter-acting with the youth.
Special “thank you” goes out to Monica Yellow Owl and her staff and many others who kicked off the
youth initiative workshops today at the Klamath Tribal Health YFGC (Youth and Family Guidance Center)
The day began with inter-active learning skills, a prayer ceremony circle, and opening prayer and
blessing by Tribal Chairman Gentry.

If you missed today’s meeting, there are other opportunities coming in the Future!

This will be an on-going Process. Please call: YFGC 541-884-1841

Contact Information for our Youth is on the poster below!  We Need You!

Stay tuned to the Klamath Tribes website: