Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

( Good morning everyone!)

gen waytas wonipniks gi.

(Today is Thursday.)


Before we move on to another topic, I wanted to give you an example of what you can be doing with the Time Element words. I am going to put each of the Time Elements into my demonstration sentence. You can do the same thing for your demonstration sentence. Attached is a hand out on Time Elements and the sound recording of these sentences. There are 8 Time Elements here.

  1. once=later
  2. 2. ga-ak=long ago
  3. ona=yesterday
  4. onak=early
  5. gen waytas=today
  6. amka=maybe
  7. at=now
  8. mbosant=tomorrow, morning

voice recording

  1. once ni yayna slewapka. Later I will see the mountain.
  2. ga-ak ni yayna sle-a. Long ago I saw the mountain.
  3. ona ni yayna sle-a. Yesterday I sa the mountain
  4. onak ni yayna sle-a. Early I saw the mountain.
  5. gen waytas ni yayna slewapka. Today I will see the mountain.
  6. amka ni yayna slewapka. Maybe I will see the mountain.
  7. at ni yayna sle-a. Now I see the mountain.
  8. mbosant ni yayna slewapka. Tomorrow I will see the mountain.


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