Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

(Good morning everyone!)

gen waytas ndanniks gi.

(Today is Wednesday.)


We have talked about colors for a few days now. Let’s try something different. Let’s talk about all the things you can hear. The Klamath verb to hear is: domna.


The sentence structure for this is: ni ___ domna. In the blank you can put whatever you hear.


How many different things can you hear. In the hand out: Klamath nouns, verbs and non-nouns, in the section on nouns, there are at least 20 things you can hear. There are a few more if you include pronouns. As in English, Klamath has subject pronouns and object pronouns. “I” is the subject pronoun and “me” is the object pronoun.

K                          E

ni—nis               I—me

i—-mis               you—you

sa—sas              they—-them


Pronouns can be tricky. Let’s start with these.