Word of the Day

Today we will give those people who are practicing “Reclaiming Your Language” some added structures to use in their daily practice. We moved on from colors but this will help our friends lengthen their practice time.


Using the verbs on the hand out ” Klamath Nouns, verbs and Non-nouns” make some more sentences with colors.


This structure is: ni __(color)__ sle-a. I see (whatever color you used).

ni taktakli sle-a. _________________________

ni joyjoyli sle-a. _________________________

ni gekgekli sle-a. ________________________

ni woyganks sle-a. _______________________

ni mecmecli sle-a. _______________________

ni bosbosli sle-a. ________________________

ni balbali sle-a. _________________________


Also, they can use the sentence: ni ___ domna. I hear ___. What do you hear?  Fill in the blank with what you hear.  With these two structures, you can extend your practice time to include items from outside your home: animals, sounds and colors.Colors Klamath nouns, verbs and non