Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

( Good morning everyone!)

gen waytas lobini gi.

(Today is Monday.)


Today we are going to look at the verb “sanauli.” sanauli means: “to want.” It is on the hand out Klamath Nouns, Verbs and Non-nouns that I refer to so much. It is the 9th item on the list of verbs. sanauli is a verb that requires an object because even in English, you want something. So the structure for this sentence is: ni __(whatever you want)__ sanauli.


How many sentences can you make with sanauli just using the nouns listed on this hand out? It is a different sentence when you include the pronouns for “my,” ” your” and “their.”


ni wac sanauli. I want a horse. This is different from: ni gaw wac sanauli. I want my horse. This is different from: ni mi wac sanauli. I want your horse. And this is different from: ni sam wac sanauli. I want their horse.


So looking at the hand out, make lots of sentences. This structure will also help those of us who are practicing the ” Reclaiming Your Language” program. This will allow them to increase the time they are speaking Klamath.