Word of the Day

dic mbosant nanokens!

(Good morning everyone!)

gen waytas lapniks gi.

(Today is Tuesday.)


Today we will stay in the conversational mode. This is a possible conversation we might here at the Pow wow. Yesterday we had the phrase: dwa nepka-what’s happening? Today we will expand on that conversational starter.

A: dwa nepka? What’s happening?

A: datkni i gi? Where are you from?

B: ni gidakni gi. I am from here.

B: ni plaikni maqlaqs gi. I am a Sprague River person.

B: ni plaiknidat ciya. I live in Sprague River.

B: datkni i gi? Where are you from?

A: ni Californiadat ciya. I live in California.

A: gida ni yeka-as gi. I am here for the celebration.